Wikipedia is known for its users posting information that is not always true and these rumors tend to get spread all over the internet.  This page has been created to specifically address these rumors and separate fiction from fact. They will be listed in order with the most recent rumors first.


The Jimmy Neutron film (2001) will be re-released in 3D in 2014.


Unless you see one of the animators or voice actors or even an executive from Nickelodeon making a statement about this, don't believe it.


A second series of Jimmy Neutron is coming out in the next year or two.


Not true.  Nick ended the series in 2006 and until an official press release comes out from them saying that Jimmy Neutron has indeed returned, do not believe this information.  The only second series there is right now is the spinoff, Planet Sheen.

We will update this regularly.  If you have any rumors you would like us to add to our list, drop our webmaster an e-mail and we will make sure to include them here.

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